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What if I don't like the photo that is provided?

During our photo production, we shoot your product at many angles so that you'll have a lot of images to choose from.  We're confident that you'll like something you see when it comes time to make your selections.  If not, you also have an opportunity to ask for a re-shoot.

Are the photos web-quality?

Yes they are!  We deliver files that are 1500x1500 px at 96 dpi.  All of the image on this site are that same size so feel free to look around here and zoom in to see the level of quality.  Certainly, if you need images processed at a higher resolution for the web we can do that too.  If you need images for print media, please include that information when you contact us so we can discuss your final file sizes.

Will the photos belong to me/my business?

Yes.  All final files belong to you.  We may use them for a limited time on our website or for promotion but you and your company own the rights to the images.

Is there anything you won't shoot?

Anything you can send through the mail we will shoot.  (That means no live animals, fireworks, etc....)



Are there any limits on the number of items I can send?

No.  Our production facility is ready to handle thousands of items per week.  If you have a very large volume please contact us in advance for special rates.

Are there limits on the sizes/weights of items I can send?

No.  The only limitation will be the cost of shipping.  Please contact us so we can be helpful with the logistics.

If I have multiple colors of each item.  Do I need to send samples of each? (for example, red sneakers, blue sneakers, etc.)

Yes please.

I live in the New York metropolitan area. Can you shoot on-site at my business?

We can shoot on-site in the New York area or nationwide.  However, there are efficiencies shooting in our own production facility which means higher cost savings for our customers.  Please contact one of our team members to discuss your project in further detail.

Who pays for the return shipping?

We ask that when you send your products to us you include a return shipping label in the box.  Once our photo shoot is complete, we can use that return shipping label.  If you forget to send us a return shipping label, we will use the same carrier that was used to ship to us and just add the cost of shipping to your final pricing.


How many photos are included for each item in the base price?  If I send you one item, do I get one picture back?

The number of images you receive is up to you.  Each customers' project is unique.  Some customers need images for their own website, some for the Amazon Marketplace.  On our order form we ask that you tell us how many photos you would like for each product.  We will always shoot more than what you request so that you have many options to select.
After we're done shooting we will send you an image gallery of all the photos.  You select the images that you think will work best for your project.  We will only charge you for the ones you select!


Have a question?  Please contact us-we would love to hear from you!